Heart valve Diseases Research Center

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Heart Valve Diseases Research Center


The Heart Valves Research Center was established in 2009 according to approval of the Development Council of Medical Science universities of the country. Cardiovascular Disease is the most common cause of death in developed countries. According to abundance of Heart Valve Diseases, if they diagnosed or treated late, they have irreversible effect on Heart. The Heart Valves Research Center is trying to have an effective role in reducing heart Diseases in the country. This Center is also wants to increase life expectancy and life quality of patients with educating them and extending the best treatment method. 



1) Research: Fundamental applicant researches in the field of heart valves diseases, Create country heart valves information bank.

2) Education: Public educationto prevent heart valves diseases, Advanced training in patients with the diseases, Training of doctors, nurses and all those involved in treatment of heart valves diseases.

3) Treatment: Findvalves heart patients to treat with best quality and results, Promotion of new methods of treatment (surgical) ofheart valves disease,

4) Prevention: Prevention of Heart valves diseases in the country


Address : 2nd floor, research building, Shahid Rajaei Research & Training Hospital Next to Mellat Park, Vali-Asr Ave, Tehran, IRAN.

Tel :+98 (21) 23923061

Fax :+98 (21) 22663209

Web site : http://hvd.rhc.ac.ir/en

Email : hvdrc@ruc.ac.ir

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